Saleh-Houthi militias confiscate 10,000 food packs meant for IDPs, sources

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The Saleh-Houthi rebel militias have confiscated 10,000 food packs, an international aid meant to be distributed among the IDPS and destitute across the far northern province, local sources said.

 "The Houthis forced all aid distributors to add names of ghost beneficiaries or members of their militia in the recipients list," one source said on the condition of anonymity.

The radical militia is said to confiscate and sell the humanitarian aid goods to use their money in financing their warfare.

Last month crowds of IDPs held a protest at the militias' confiscation of the aid of 1000 recipients but were faced with brutality; the militia arrested scores of them and the rest dispersed.

Yemen's government repeated criticizes "the international silence by the UN and international organizations" for the militias' practices which it says aim to starve and kill the Yemeni people.


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