Take a sectarian class, get your salary

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Well-informed sources in Hajjah said that the Houthi rebel militias in the north Yemen province press the armed forces personnel into enrolling in a sectarian re-education course by making the salary payment subject to taking the brainwashing class.

The sources told http://alsahwa-yemen.net that the panels which hand out the salary pay slips required the Interior Ministry personnel to hand over their firearms and take the classes to receive their salary." 

The sources said that the panels threatened objecting soldiers by not only withholding their salary but even removal from the public payroll.

Moreover, the "salary" mentioned in the story is not gross net salary. It is 50% of the deserved salary, in actuality. From the second year of the insurgency, the militias began to reduce and withhold salaries. Most of the public employees in the rebel-controlled territories have not received their salaries for nearly a year.

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