Islah official calls for national unity to counter Houthi militia

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The chief of the Media Department of the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party Ali Aljaradi has called on the national stakeholders to unify ranks to counter the Houthi rebel militia.

"How could an armed militia take control of Yemen?," Aljaradi inquired in a tweet on Friday.

"At a moment of mindlessness, the personal calculations resurfaced among the national interest groups. They though the Houthi would be a scalpel that will satisfy their spite against the other and leave the country intact," he said referring to the silence of some parties and figures at the rebel militia's advance toward the capital Sana'a in the middle of 2014 as the perception among these political stakeholders was that the militia would carry out a surgical strike to the Islah party only. 

"Afte everybody drank the Houthi coffee, let's restore our national unity in countering them," said al-Jaradi satirically.

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